VirtUal Athletics League

SUMMER games

Work out and WIN


August 21st 2021 - September 12th 2021

Contest rules

There will be three contest categories in our VAL Summer Games competition:

  • Score challenge
    Two challenges, each going for 2 weeks and split between the first two weeks and the last two weeks. Prizes are awarded to the best three contestants in each challenge
  • Most advancements gained challenge
    The player who gained the most levels during the challenge period will win
  • Picture challenge
    Take a creative selfie or picture of your VRWorkout space after your VRWorkout and post it in the VRWorkout Facebook group
  • Optional challenge
    If more than one player gains the most levels there will be a final multiplayer session to determine the ultimate winner at the end of the Summer Games


  • Challenge winners in each contest will get a Polar H9 chest strap
  • The two second places in the score challenges will win a $30 Amazon gift card
  • The two third places in the score challenges will win a $20 Amazon gift card
  • Each winner of the picture challenge will win a $10 Amazon gift card

Contest periods

  • 1st score challenge
    August 21st 2021 00:00 GMT - September 3rd 23:59 GMT
  • 2nd score challenge
    September 4th 2021 00:00 GMT - September 12th 23:59 GMT
  • Advancement gained challenge
    August 21st 2021 00:00 GMT - September 12th 23:59 GMT
  • Picture challenge
    First period: August 21st 2021 00:00 GMT - August 27th 23:59 GMT
    Second period: August 28th 2021 00:00 GMT - September 3rd 23:59 GMT
    Third and fourth period: September 4th 2021 00:00 GMT - September 10th 23:59 GMT

Prize delivery

  • Prizes will be shipped via Amazon or from Polar directly. Gift cards will be delivered as Amazon Gift cards
  • All gift cards are denominated in US Dollars
  • Some prize amounts may be made up of multiple cards
  • We do not take responsibility if a price can not be shipped to the players location. In this case the player has the option to provide an alternative location within the US or Austria within 14 days of the end of the event
  • We will contact the winners within 14 days of the end of the event
  • Winners will be contacted via Facebook (so please make sure we can direct message you) or via email for registered VRWorkout players and to claim your prize you must respond within 30 days. If any winner cannot be contacted, or does not (or is unable to) accept their prize within 30 days of the end of the event, they forfeit the prize and we are not obliged to substitute the prize
  • If for any reason the event is not able to run as planned (perhaps due to unforeseen technical issues) we reserve the right to amend the event rules, the prizes, or potentially cancel the event if necessary


  • You must be over 18 years of age to enter the event
  • Players must create an ingame account to be able to use the online features and be counted in the contest. This is not required for the Picture contest
  • Only one entry is counted per user. All submission times end at midnight GMT on the final day of the contest period
  • Players may compete with any headset supporting VRWorkout
  • Please see your relevant storefront to ensure your machine meets the minimum hardware requirements for VRWorkout
  • Using glitches, exploits, and other methods, may result in disqualification
  • Post images for the Picture contest  in the VRWorkout - Facebook group:
  • We reserve all rights to ask for further evidence of scores before winners are determined if we suspect cheating
  • Each player can make one entry per period and contest

VRWorkout is a Full-body rhythm fitness game

Transform you living room into your personal home gym.

With hand tracking to free up your hands for the exercises

Jumping // Squatting // Pushups // Side Planks // Crunches // Running // Sprinting and Burpees